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Eleven Degrees is proud to deliver a wide range of industry-leading cloud services and cloud consulting solutions to clients at every stage of their cloud journey.

Success Stories

Eleven Degrees is proud to deliver a wide range of industry-leading cloud services and cloud consulting solutions to clients at every stage of their cloud journey.

Mini Bakeries Nairobi Ltd

Mini Bakeries, incorporated in 1983, with its roots in Mombasa, is the company behind the successful Supa Loaf brand.

Executive Summary

Discover how Eleven Degrees Consulting, an Advanced AWS partner, showcases their successful migration of Mini Bakeries critical SAP Business One Application with HANA Database from on premise infrastructure to the secure and scalable environment of Amazon Web Services (AWS). By leveraging AWS’s cutting-edge cloud solutions, Mini Bakeries, a prominent bakery company, experienced remarkable improvements in operational efficiency, scalability, and cost savings. This migration not only transformed their IT landscape but also enabled them to meet the demands of their growing business with agility and reliability, ultimately driving greater customer satisfaction and competitive advantage in the baking industry.

Customer Challenge

Mini Bakeries, a leading bakery company, grappled with significant performance challenges in their on-premises SAP Business One system running on HANA Databases. The exponential growth in data volume and transactions strained their infrastructure, causing frequent performance bottlenecks and prolonged system downtimes. This hindered their ability to efficiently manage operations, resulting in delayed order processing, inventory inaccuracies, and diminished customer satisfaction. Moreover, the escalating maintenance costs associated with their aging on-premises setup were placing an unsustainable burden on their IT budget, hampering their capacity to invest in innovative technology and adapt to evolving business needs.

If these challenges were left unaddressed, Mini Bakeries would face increasingly severe consequences. The ongoing performance issues and frequent system outages would continue to disrupt critical business processes, potentially leading to lost sales opportunities, eroding customer trust, and damaging their reputation in the highly competitive bakery industry. The escalating maintenance costs would strain their financial resources, limiting their ability to invest in strategic growth initiatives and hindering their long-term sustainability. Additionally, the inability to scale and adapt to changing market demands could leave Mini Bakeries at a significant disadvantage, impeding their ability to remain competitive and agile in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Partner Solution

In response to Mini Bakeries’ pressing performance and scalability challenges with their SAP Business One system on HANA Databases, Eleven Degrees Consulting, engineered a comprehensive solution that leveraged Amazon Web Services to transform their IT landscape. The core of the solution involved deploying an r5.2xlarge instance dedicated to hosting the HANA database, coupled with multiple EBS storage volumes. This strategic architecture not only significantly improved database performance but also provided the scalability necessary to accommodate Mini Bakeries growing data volume and transaction load. With this setup, performance bottlenecks and downtime were mitigated, enabling seamless and efficient management of their bakery operations.

To further enhance operational efficiency, Eleven Degrees established a separate m6i.4xlarge instance to host the SAP Business One Application, utilizing an EBS storage volume of 128GB. This decoupling of the application layer from the database layer ensured that system performance remained consistently high, even during peak usage periods. Additionally, implementation of a t2.micro instance for the Active Directory (AD) Server, attached to a 30GB EBS storage volume, and a t3.xlarge instance for the Data Distribution System (DDS) Server, linked to a robust 500GB EBS storage volume. This configuration not only optimized server resource allocation but also streamlined authentication processes and data distribution within the organization.

To safeguard Mini Bakeries critical data and ensure business continuity, Eleven Degrees implemented a robust backup and data retention strategy. EBS volume snapshots were taken regularly and stored on Amazon S3 Standard, providing immediate data recovery options. Furthermore, a lifecycle transition rule was established to automatically move these snapshots to Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive after 180 days, effectively reducing long-term storage costs while ensuring data accessibility and compliance.

In summary, Eleven Degrees comprehensive AWS-based solution not only resolved Mini Bakeries’ performance issues and scalability concerns but also optimized their IT infrastructure for long-term growth. The strategic architecture, efficient resource allocation, and data backup strategy not only mitigated the immediate challenges but also positioned Mini Bakeries to thrive in the dynamic bakery industry by fostering agility, cost-efficiency, and data security.

Results and Benefits

As a result of Eleven Degrees Consulting tailored AWS solution, Mini Bakeries saw a remarkable transformation in their operations. The once prevalent performance bottlenecks and system downtimes were virtually eliminated, with database response times improving by over 60% and a significant 75% reduction in downtime incidents, greatly enhancing system reliability and customer satisfaction.

Financially, the benefits were equally impressive. Mini Bakeries enjoyed a 30% annual savings in maintenance costs due to the transition to cloud-based solutions, and a 20% reduction in IT operational expenses, thanks to optimized resource allocation and a streamlined backup strategy. Overall, this case study demonstrates how Eleven Degrees’ AWS-powered solution not only resolved immediate performance issues but also delivered substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies, positioning Mini Bakeries for sustained success in the competitive bakery industry.

About Mini Bakeries Mini Bakeries is a renowned bakery goods manufacturer with a rich legacy spanning three decades. With its strong presence in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, the company has earned its reputation as a market leader by consistently providing timely deliveries and an extensive product portfolio tailored to meet diverse customer preferences. Mini Bakeries’ commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has not only solidified its position as a leading brand but has also earned it the prestigious accolade of being nominated as a Super Brand in multiple years, including 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2011.